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Courtallam Main Falls

Courtallam (Tamil: குற்றாலம்) or Kutralam, Spa of South India, is a panchayat town situated at a mean elevation of 160 m (520 ft) on the Western Ghats in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu, India. Many seasonal and few perennial rivers such as the Chittar River, the Manimuthar River, the Pachaiyar River and the Tambaraparani River originate in this region. The numerous waterfalls and cascades along with the ubiquitous health resorts in the area have earned it the title the Spa of South India.[1] The falls carry a good amount of water only when there is a rain on the hills, so it is advisable to see the weather forecast, when one plans to come to Courtallam . Season begins from June of every year till September. The South West Monsoon brings in the cold breeze with mild temperature. From October to December North East Monsoon sets over in Tamil Nadu and the climate is cold and the rains are very heavy sometimes. Sometimes the falls get flooded and people are not allowed to take bath during floods.


Aintharuvi (five falls) is one where one thoroughly enjoys being in a crowd of bathers. Five separate cascades of water form this waterfalls.


The Pazhaya Courtalla Aruvi (Old Courtallam falls) used to fall into a valley from between two rocks. The valley was closed and the rocks were broken to change the course of water and make bathing easier. It was reopened later.

Kasivishvanathar Temple

Lord Shiva graces in the temple as a swayambumurthi. Worshipping the Lord in this temple is as equal to worshipping the Lord in Kasi –Varanasi. Presiding deity Lord Kasi Viswanatha is visible to the devotee even from a distance of one Km. The temple is so vastly constructed with this facility to the devotees. While Mother Durga faces South in almost all temples, She faces west in this temple.

The temple is opened from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m

தென்காசி காசி விஸ்வநாதர் திருக்கோயில் தமிழ்நாடு திருநெல்வேலி மாவட்டத்திலுள்ள தென்காசி எனும் ஊரில் அமைந்துள்ள சிவாயலமாகும். இத்தலம் உலகம்மன் கோயில் என்றும் தென்காசி பெரிய கோவில் என்றும் அழைக்கப்பெறுகிறது. இத்தலத்தின் மூலவர் காசிவிசுவநாதர், தாயார் உலகம்மை. இத்தலத்தில் மாசி மகம், ஐப்பசி உத்திரம் ஆகியவை சிறப்பாக கொண்டாப்படும் விழாக்களாகும்.


There are 626 steps to reach the temple. The presiding deity is also called Mookkan. Tirumalai Kali graces from the top of the hill. There are 16 steps to reach Lord Vinayaka shrine. 16 steps represent 16 kinds of wealth, it is believed

Opening Time:

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


Sabarimala is one such famous pilgrim centre in the south in the state of Kerala where the presiding deity Lord Ayyappa grants darshan with His alluring handsomeness to devotees with boons for a peaceful, righteous, healthy and prosperous life and finally salvation.

Tenkasi-Punalur-Pathanamthitta – 170 km Kumuli-Vandiperiar-Erumeli-Pamba – 180 km Nagercoil-Thiruvananthapuram-Pathanamthitta-Vadaserikarai-Pamba -225 km

Courtallam Tiger Falls

Puli aruvi situated in courtallam

Achan Kovil

One of the main temples of Lord Ayyappa, it is believed that the idol of Achankovil temple is consecrated by Lord Parasurama himself. This temple, located in Kollam distict, is similar to the famous shrine at Sabarimala. The Manalar falls and the Kumbuvurutty falls, which also has a Nature Interaction Centre, are on the way to this temple.